Measuring What Matters
Measuring What Matters

Skills for Thriving and Contributing in the 21st Century

What is "Measuring What Matters"?

Measuring What Matters is an international project which aims to inspire people to understand "achievement" and "success" in new ways - not just in terms of exam grades, but in terms of acquiring values and skills that are needed in order to thrive, and to take meaningful action.


The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) is a group of educators and researchers who have spent more than five years learning about the values at the heart of sustainable schools and societies. These values include, among others, trust, acceptance, appreciation of diversity, caring, creativity, empowerment, and respect for the community of life.


Now, in 2013, this research has been used to create the first draft of the "Measuring What Matters" assessment toolkit for secondary (high school) teachers and students. This will be piloted during the 2013-14 academic year.

We expect the pilot to lead to transformational learning (learning for change) in participating schools, by highlightinh practical ways in which everyone can contribute towards a culture of sustainable and responsible living.


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